Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kudos to Oklahoma State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners for Taking Action Regarding Prescription Drugs/Pharmacy Violations

Scott Gray, DVM:
VSJ/Agreed Order - Dr. Gray operates a veterinary drug wholesaler/distributor business under the name of Triangle Serum Company - Serum did not possess a pharmacy license nor was the store licensed as a wholesale distributor of veterinary prescription drugs; Serum started in business over 14 years ago. Board’s investigator made two undercover purchases of prescription drugs from Serum without a prescription being issued or an order from a veterinarian confirming a valid VCPR had been established. Dr Gray was placed on probation for 2 yrs. Take and pass the Board’s
jurisprudence exam; retain appropriate staff at Serum to help ensure compliance; shall not dispense, sell, administer, and/or prescribe veterinary prescription drugs without first establishing a valid VCPR; shall attend and complete 6 hrs. of C.E. per yr. during probation focused in the area of ethics, which shall be in addition to the required CE; pay Board 40,000 fine (includes $2,500 for costs of investigation), pay probation administration fee of $50 per month; with a portion of the fine in the amount of $20,000 is deferred until August 29, 2016, at which time such payment will be
waived subject to timely compliance with the Agreed Order.
Farmacy, LLC:
Veterinary Wholesaler/Distributor
Final Board Order – Pursuant to an administrative hearing, Board found Farmacy, LLC failed to timely furnish or allow inspection of records the Board information legally requested, and failed to cooperate with the lawful investigation conducted by and on behalf of the Board; failed to allow timely inspection of records of the wholesale/distributor of
veterinary prescription drugs which was in violation of the Board’s previous Order (Declaratory Ruling); Farmacy was fined in the amount of $25,000 and assessed all costs associated with the investigation and prosecution of the case with such costs to be determined in an evidentiary hearing.
Gerald Randall, DVM:
Final Board Order – Pursuant to an administrative hearing, Board found Dr. Randall violated the Veterinary Practice act by failing to furnish the board information requested; he prescribed, and ordered veterinary prescription drugs without first having established a veterinarian/client/patient/relationship; improper preparation, recording,
management and/or maintenance of veterinary records; he did not maintain a legible patient record for three years. On probation for one (1) year, take and pass jurisprudence exam within one (1) year, during probation will submit copies of three (3) large animal patient/client records per month. Will pay a fine of $2,500 assessed all costs associated with the investigation and prosecution of the case. With all costs to be determined in a subsequent evidentiary hearing; and during probation will pay a probation administrative fee of $50 per month; notwithstanding the fine of $2,500 in the
amount of $2,000 will be deferred until the end of the probationary period at such time that payment will be waived subject to timely compliance with the terms of the Order.
Charles S. English, DVM:
Field Citation - Board received information an individual was offering to sell a prescription required drug, Draxxin, through the internet on Craig’s list. Board’s investigator made contact with the seller by email messages and made arrangements incognito to meet with the seller at a Quick Trip convenience store in Oklahoma. Further investigation by the Board’s investigator prior to the meeting revealed that the seller was a veterinarian with an active veterinary license from the State of Kansas, but not licensed in Oklahoma. A review of the Board’s records indicates he failed to renew his Oklahoma veterinary license in 1991. He was told he could not sell prescription medication in Oklahoma because he did not have an Oklahoma Veterinary license and he had not established a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship prior to dispensing the bottle of Draxxin, which also required a prescription that was not issued. He attempted to sell the bottle of Draxxin without even seeing an animal. He attempted to excuse his actions by making
the statement that “I have a license in Kansas”. He was directed not to practice veterinary medicine in the State of Oklahoma without first being duly licensed with the Board and ordered to pay a $500
Field Citation.
* Further details of Board actions can be obtained by contacting the Board
quoted from Oklahoma State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners  December 2014 Newsletter

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