Thursday, September 19, 2013

Law Review articles Regarding the Practice of Veterinary Medicine

Hanekamp, Kwakman, Beyond Zero Tolerance: A New Approach to Food Safety and Residues of Pharmacologically Active Substances in Foodstuffs of Animal Origin, 12 ENVIRONMENTAL LIABILITY 33-39 (2004).
Centner, Legal Rights of Veterinarians Under Veterinary Good Samaritan Statutes and Equine Liability Statutes, 210 J. AMERICAN VETERINARY MED. ASSOC. 190-194 (1997).
Comment, Legislation Without Representation: How Veterinary Medicine Has Slipped Through the Cracks of Tort Reform, 1990 UNIV. ILLINOIS L. REV. 953-987 (1990).
Comment, Regulating through Rules: Suggested Changes in the Federal Regulation of Veterinary Compounding, 13 HOUSTON J. HEALTH L. & POLICY 129-161 (2012).
Geyer, Extralabel Drug Use and Compounding in Veterinary Medicine, 52 FOOD AND DRUG L. J. 291-295 (1997).
Grossman & Scoggins, The Legal Implications of Covenants Not to Compete in Veterinary Contracts, 71 NEBRASKA L. REV. 826-878 (1992).
Hankin, What Is the Scope of the Duty to Provide Veterinary Care?, 43 MARYLAND BAR J. 18, 20-23 (4-2010).
Hannah, Veterinarians and the Law, 3 AGRICULTURAL LAW UPDATE 4-6 (8-1986).
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Huss, Valuation in Veterinary Malpractice, 35 LOYOLA UNIV. CHICAGO L.J. 479-553 (2004).
King, The Standard of Care for Veterinarians in Medical Malpractice Claims, 58 TENNESSEE L. REV. 1-71 (1990).
Lacroix, Current Trends in Animal Law and Their Implications for the Veterinary Profession, 36 VETERINARY CLINICS SMALL ANIMAL 341-353 (2006).
McKEAN (ed.), Legal Issues Affecting Veterinary Practice, 23 VETERINARY CLINICS OF NORTH AMERICA: SMALL ANIMAL PRACTICE pp. 921-1140 + index (W. B. Saunders Co., Philadelphia) (1993).
Summary: - Beran, Zoonoses in Practice, 1085-1108 . - Brody, Safety in the Veterinary Medical Workplace Environment: Common Issues and Concerns, 1071-1084 . - Garbe, Wildlife Jurisprudence, 1060-1070 . - Heamon, APHIS and the Accredited Veterinarian: A Partnership in Regulatory Medicine, 1053-1060 . - Richardson & Geyer, Estate Planning for Veterinarians, 1121-1140 . - Geyer, Malpractice Liability, 1027-1052 - Dinsmore, Veterinary Lawsuits: Trends and Defense Strategies, 1019-1026 . - Hannah, The Impact of Animal Welfare and Animal Anti-Cruelty Laws on Veterinarians, 1109-1120 . - Copeland, How to Be an Effective Expert Witness, 1007-1018 . - Stribling & Picut, Food and Drug Regulatory Issues, 991-1006 - Hamilton & Andrews, Property Issues in Practice, 975-990 . - Copeland, Employer-Employee Relations, 957-974 . - Grossman & Scoggins, Contractual Considerations in Veterinary Practice, 945-956 - Carney, Choosing a Lawyer, 937-944 - Tannenbaum, Ethics: The Why and Wherefore of Veterinary Law, 921-936 .
McKean, Veterinary Pharmaceuticals Distribution--A Case for State Model Veterinary Code Enactment, 10 J. AGRICULTURAL TAXATION & LAW 137-161 (1988).
Note, Bailment and Veterinary Malpractice: Doctrinal Exclusivity, or Not? 55 HASTINGS L. J. 1009-1029 (2004).
Note, Toward a More Equitable Approach to Causation in Veterinary Malpractice actions, 16 HASTINGS WOMEN’S L. J. 201-220 (2005).
Note, What's Up Doc?: A Critique of Veterinarian Experts Addressing Toxic Torts in the Environment under the Daubert Threshold Inquiry, 22 J. NATURAL RESOURCES & ENVIRONMENTAL L. 55-68 (2007).
Nunalee & Weedon, Modern Trends in Veterinary Malpractice: How Our Evolving Attitudes Toward Non-Human Animals Will Change Veterinary Medicine, 10 ANIMAL L. 125-161 (2004).
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Symposium, The Animal Drug Amendments of 1968: A Twenty Year Retrospective, 43 FOOD DRUG COSMETIC L. J. 779-877 (1988).
Toby, State Regulation of Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Therapies: Defining the Practice of Veterinary Medicine in the 21st Century, 1 KENTUCKY J. EQUINE, AGRICULTURAL, NATURAL RESOURCE L. 29-48 (2009).
von Oehsen, The FDA's Regulation of Veterinary Biotechnology: Business as Usual or a New Era of Environmental Protection, 43 FOOD DRUG COSMETIC L. J. 847-877 (1988).

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