Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saunders Handbook of Veterinary Drugs, 3rd Edition Small and Large Animal By Mark G. Papich, DVM, MS, DACVCP

Concise and easy-to-use, Saunders Handbook of Veterinary Drugs, 3rd Edition helps you find the specific drug facts you need to treat small and large animals, right when you need them! 550 drugs are organized alphabetically and cross-referenced by functional classification, trade, and generic names so you can access dosage recommendations, contraindications, side effects, possible adverse reactions, drug interactions, and more without the need to sort through a lengthy text. Plus, a companion website provides more than 150 clear, customizable handouts to help you easily communicate important drug information to your clients.

Table of Contents
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New to This Edition

    • Comprehensive drug updates incorporate the most current indications, dosage information, instructions for use and storage, precautions, patient monitoring, available formulations, and regulatory information.
    • New monographs familiarize you with 35 new drugs available for veterinary practice, including:

      • Cefovecin (Convenia)

      • Maropitant (Cerenia)

      • Trilostane (Vetoryl)

      • Dexmedetomidine (Dexdomitor)

      • Dirlotapide (Slentrol)

    • Companion website includes more than 150 client information handouts for the most commonly prescribed drugs
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