Saturday, August 31, 2013

Equine Stomach Ulcers: A Threat to Horses of All Ages August 27, 2013

Meg Green, DVM, Manager, Merial Large Animal Veterinary Services, responds to a question about equine stomach ulcers.

Q. I have several young horses in my care that aren’t in training yet. Is it possible for them to get equine stomach ulcers?
A. You’re smart to ask that question. We often think our young horses are immune to equine stomach ulcers because they aren’t exposed to the stressors that we know can contribute to the development of ulcers. Those stressors are more often associated with the kinds of activities we do with actively competing horses such as training, traveling and trailering.1
Unfortunately, even though young horses generally aren’t exposed to stressful activities, they can develop stomach ulcers. In fact, the presence of ulcers in foals has been reported as ranging between 25 percent2 and 51 percent.3

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