Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Case Study In the Over Servicing Of Dogs By Veterinarians

Dogs Naturally Magazine has one goal: to protect dogs from harmful and unnecessary veterinary procedures. Our goal isn’t to bash vets because we truly believe that both vets and pet owners operate under the assumption that conventional medicine and it’s over zealous use of vaccines and drugs is the path to good health. Vets have fallen victim to the large pharmaceutical companies as much as pet owners have. While there are merits to conventional medicine to treat catastrophic injuries and detect some diseases, its ability to produce good health is questionable.
Vaccination is a good case in point. Conventional medicine believes that injecting a dog with a virus that’s been spliced with other viruses and inactivated with toxins and carcinogens including mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde will prevent disease and thusly promote good health. Holistic vets are seeing the opposite: that the toxins and unnatural entry of the disease are instead creating a chain of inflammation and chronic disease in the host animal.
This issue is compounded when drugs are used to treat the disease caused by the vaccines. While the drugs may suppress the symptoms of the disease, subjecting the dog to even more toxins starts a vicious cycle of disease and dysfunction. Preventing disease by avoiding these toxic substances requires a paradigm shift, but day after day, we receive stories that confirm our beliefs that conventional veterinary medicine is broken and the dogs who are exposed to it often suffer needlessly. The story of Thunder is just one example of how conventional treatment and over vaccination can create a downward spiral into death and disease.

Where It Begins

Thunder was a normal puppy and, as such, received the normal puppy vaccination schedule.
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